Starting a Conversation

The maintenance of wildlife corridors is an important planning criteria for a city like Los Angeles. An ongoing challenge is to find a way to keep the inhabiting fauna from crossing the wetlands via on-grade, hazardous roadways. We hope to engage the community of concerned individuals and groups, many of whom have vital expertise and background knowledge, to improve safety for the animals and improve the health of the habitat by establishing safe pathways of travel across a wider geographic area. Our proposal is to create “critter”-friendly bridges so they can safely cross the roadways. As part of this community, we at West Edge Architects would like to start a conversation, gather information, better define the goal, adjust our ideas and evolve the best answer to the best question. Please look though our drawings and maps. If you know something about critters or the wetlands, or if you like our idea and want to be part of the conversation, please let us hear from you. Read More.